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A Better Experience

The perfect massage

Oasis Spas have been engineered to provide the ultimate hydrotherapy spa experience.

it-s-all-about-jet-placement-.jpgIt’s all about jet placement.

To create the perfect massage, dozens of pulse, swirl, deep tissue and air massage jets have been precisely positioned to target muscles in your back, neck, shoulder, legs and feet (never on the spine), creating an awesome hydro-massage experience.

Some models also have a powerful ‘volcano’ jet – perfect for targeting your calves, thighs, lower back and stomach. Each seat features a different jet layout to offer multiple massage effects as you move around your spa.




Create your own perfect massage. create-your-own-perfect-massage-.jpg

Choose your seat. If you want, you can swap the different jet types around the spa to create the right massage effect. Then adjust the strength of individual jets and use the massage controller to make the whole seat softer or stronger. Once you’ve created the perfect massage to suit your mood, just relax and enjoy.





nothing-beats-a-full-body-massage.jpgNothing beats a full body massage.

Most of our spas have one or two “full body” massage lounges, giving you an unbeatable neck to foot massage.








What about a neck and shoulder massage? what-about-a-neck-and-shoulder-massage-.jpg

The majority of models feature our neck and shoulder therapy collar for an awesome massage experience that relieves stress in your upper body, neck and shoulders.






aqua-ssage-jets-simply-feel-better.jpg“Aqua-ssage” jets simply feel better.

Most other brands of jets have small and/or straight water outlets. The jet stream digs into your back, which is uncomfortable and annoying. Our broad stream aqua-ssage jets distribute the water flow more evenly, providing the ultimate hydro-massage experience.






Relax in crystal clear, chlorine-free water. relax-in-crystal-clear-chlorine-free-water-.jpg

Our advanced water management system makes it easy to keep your spa water clean and crystal clear. Your Oasis Spa retailer can also offer a choice of natural, chlorine-free spa sanitation systems that replace harsh chemicals and corrosive salts. These products are fantastic to bathe in and are perfect for people who hate smelly spa water or suffer from skin or eye irritations.




Superior comfort and relaxation

Oasis Spas are designed to create the ultimate spa experience by ensuring your total comfort and relaxation. 

ergonomic-designs-for-maximum-comfort-.jpgErgonomic designs for maximum comfort

When you sit in a spa full of water, you’ll soon realise that “lay back” recliners and curved-backed seats make you float, and that most spa seats are not comfortable. Our seating designs are barrier-free, allowing you to move easily between the seats. The shaping of our recliners and seats help keep you in place – making sure the jets hit the right spots and allowing you to relax and enjoy your spa.






There’s more room inside an Oasis Spa. there-s-more-room-inside-an-oasis-spa-.jpg

Check the size of the footwell in other spas when doing your shopping. In many cases, you’ll see that there’s not enough room for everyone's feet. By reducing the wasted space around the outside edge of the spa and making our footwells bigger, there’s more room for your body, legs and feet in an Oasis Spa.


Enjoy the peace and quiet.

To achieve total relaxation, you need peace and quiet. Oasis Spas build one of the world's quietest spas, using quality pumps (with anti-vibration mounts) and our 8-stage insulation system to reduce and lock in noise.


Now set the mood.

Set the perfect mood for total relaxation with soothing aromatherapy fragrances, mood lighting and your favourite music.

set-the-mood.png“Aqua FX” mood lighting adds the “wow factor.”

Create the perfect ambience with underwater and water-level lighting and tranquil backlit waterfall(s), standard on most models. Some models also have backlit drink holders, ice box and roman waterfalls.

Ask about our optional backlit massage, air and waterfall controls for extra impact and appeal.


Our liquid-based aromatherapy system really works!

Surround yourself with soothing fragrances with your adjustable liquid aromatherapy system (that actually works).


You can even enjoy your favourite music.

Add one of our sound systems (with optional in-cabinet sub woofer), and you’ll never want to leave your spa.

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