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Easier To Maintain

Your spa virtually looks after itself.

spa-controller-.jpgYour spa controller does most of the work.

Your Oasis Spa control system offers you unlimited ways to tailor your spa to save money and meet your needs. After initial setup, it remembers your settings and automatically manages your spa, so it’s always at the right temperature - clean and ready to enjoy 24 hours a day. This system also boasts a handy “lockout” mode and a “weekend” mode (that maintains your spa at minimal cost, if you’re not using it during the week). This controller is super intelligent, leaving you to simply turn on the jets and lights, relax and enjoy!




One button keeps your spa fresh. one-button-.jpg

When you’ve finished your spa, just press the “cleanup cycle” button. This gives your spa an extra boost of filtration and ozone water treatment, making sure it’s clean and fresh ready for the next time you use it. The unique twin pump filter system also lets you use your massage pump for turbo filtration when needed.





oil-cabinets-.jpgThere's no need to oil our cabinets

Timber cabinets require regular staining and oiling. Who’s got the time and patience for that! Our cabinet cladding is made from a UV-treated synthetic material specifically designed for harsh Australian conditions. A quick “hose down” from time to time and you’re done.






Our jets even clean themselves. jets-.jpg

Spinning jets are awesome, but to keep them spinning, most brands of jets have to be removed and cleaned regularly to clear the bearings of grit, chemical residue and body oils. The trouble is that removing most jets can become impossible, as they often become “stuck” into place.

Our premium Aqua-ssage jets are self cleaning, and they always spin freely on a floating stainless steel spindle. If you ever want to remove them, they simply screw out. They always work and no maintenance is ever required.



Crystal clear water with less effort

Oasis Spas incorporate state-of-the-art water management technology that minimises the use of chemicals, keeping your water crystal clear with as little effort as possible.

Crystal clear water with less effort


1) Dual pump filtration system for cleaner water

To maximize water quality and filtration, Oasis Spas run two pumps through the filter system, giving a major boost to filtration while you’re using your spa.

2) Our "max flow" filtration valve ensures more water is filtered.

In most spas, a large proportion of the water bypasses the filter system. Oasis spas use a patented valve in the plumbing system to minimise the amount of water bypassing the filters, giving you cleaner, clearer water. This clever valve also protects your pump and stops entrapment by opening if the filters or suctions are blocked.

3) High flow, surface skimming filtration pumps

Unlike “24 hour” filtration pumps (which lack significant flow), our high flow filtration pumps have a stronger filtration and surface skimming action for superior water quality. And our dual pump filtration system means that your massage pump can provide additional filtration and surface skimming when required. 

4) CD ozone system for less maintenance and chemical use

An ozone system, when used correctly, is a powerful, maintenance-free and proven method of water treatment that is used in almost every spa worldwide. Our CD ozone system helps keep maintenance and chemical use to a minimum. 

5) Mixing chamber for safety and efficiency

To minimse chemical use, maximise the efficiency of the ozone system and make sure excess ozone gas does not damage your health or your spa, we use a patented mixing chamber which fully utilises the ozone gas before re-entering your spa as oxygen.

6) Optional "micro filters" for clearer water

For less maintenance and better water clarity, you can use a disposable 1 micron “silver ion” micro filter for your filtration pump. These cartridges are up to 50 times more effective at removing fine particles. They don’t need to be cleaned and soaked (just surface sprayed) and with anti-bacterial properties, these filter cartridges reduce chemical use. They do, however, need to be replaced every month or so. 

7) Chlorine-free treatments for your spa

Oasis Spas retailers offer a choice of natural spa sanitation systems that are chlorine- and salt-free and have no odours. They are safe for your family, pH neutral, easier to use and feel fantastic to soak in.

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